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Croad Langshans

An extra-large, hardy, and docile breed known for their heavy-bloomed medium-to-dark brown eggs which may appear pink/plum.

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Kaitlin knew she needed the Croad Langshan's pink/plum eggs in her basket the first time she saw them!

After learning more about their docile temperament, endangered status, and hardiness, she knew they would be a great fit for our farm.

The Croad Langshan is a hardy breed, known for continuing to lay throughout the winter months.

They handle both cold and hot climates well, and their docile and easily tamed personalities make them a great addition for family flocks.

Our goal is to help preserve and increase awareness of this magnificent breed which has been the foundation of many magnificent breeds, including Marans, Barnevelders, and Black Orpingtons.

Read more on our breeding practices here.

Meet Our Flock of BBS Croad Langshans

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