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Black Copper Marans

Chocolate colored eggs, friendly birds, and excellent foraging skills make the Black Copper Marans a must-have addition to any flock!

Black Copper Marans rooster

Black Copper Marans were one of our very first breeds when we started keeping chickens. We have loved each one of these regal birds for their sweet personalities and contributions to the egg basket rainbow. In 2023, we were lucky enough to secure a starter breeding flock from Frank May's award-winning line of birds. We also hatched some chicks from Mike Stalling's legacy line of Marans to add genetic diversity and complete our breeding flock. Kaitlin has some favorite breeders she is looking to purchase from for added diversity, improvement, and improved egg color in the coming years!

We are already looking forward to offering these amazing birds and hatching eggs as we begin chasing those deep dark-chocolate eggs while working towards Standard of Perfection.

Read more on our breeding practices here.

Meet Dogwood Honey Company's
Black Copper Marans Flock

BCM Pullet
Proud Member of the Marans Chicken Club USA
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