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Handmade Items

Kaitlin grew up crafting with her mom. She rarely looks at something without thinking, "I can figure out how to make that myself."


After years of battling eczema and dry skin, Kaitlin started using soap from one of her mom's coworkers. It was without dyes, perfumes, or artificial ingredients, and it helped her skin more than anything she had tried previously. When her soap supplier offered a class on soap making, she was in attendance! We haven't bought a single bar of soap since she took her soap making class in 2017. 

In 2018, while we were fostering kittens for a local cat rescue, Kaitlin found a crochet pattern for a cat bed. Her grandmother taught her how to read the pattern and the needed stitches for this cat bed. Since then, Kaitlin has crocheted a bunch of cat beds, dozens of baby blankets, ear warmers, fingerless gloves, beanies, scarves, baby shoes, and so much more!

Wanting to know what is in products, she has taken to making lip balms, lemon honey lozenges, and herbal salves, also.

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