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All in the family

Our farm was purchased in 2022 from Kaitlin's grandparents. Nestled in Karns, this property has been owned by someone in our blended family since 1845. From 1986 to 2021, the farm was known as White Pine Acres, a choose and cut Christmas tree farm owned by Kaitlin's grandparents, Jim and Barbara Stevens. When we purchased this land, her grandfather asked if we would keep the tree farm. When we said no, he immediately responded with, "Let me guess, chickens and horses?" While horses are still a part of the 10-year dream, we have already added our chickens, honeybees, and goats to this sentimental property. 

Picture --> View of the back field in 1985

1985 Field_edited.jpg
dogwood honey company.jpeg

About Dogwood Honey Company

In 2021 we started with 6 chickens. For those of you who know about chicken math, 6 became 12, became 16, became 20, became... more... Kaitlin combined her love of science with chickens to begin learning about the genetics of egg color and breeding for an egg basket rainbow. Many hours have gone into her research of chicken genetics, and she continues to expand her knowledge through research and trial breeding groups. We are excited to add some new breeds to our farm this fall that will further help us reach the goal of a rainbow egg basket. 

After purchasing our larger property in 2022, we have also added honeybees and Nigerian Dwarf goats to our menagerie. Matthew was a bit reluctant to add thousands of stinging insects to the farm, but he has discovered a love for beekeeping. He hopes to expand our apiary in the coming years and to cultivate a native pollinator garden. He has also embraced his new role as a goat dad, and he is looking forward to our first kidding season in Spring of 2024.


Different Landscape,
Infinite Possibilities

The landscape has changed considerably over the last 35+ years, along with the owners. Kaitlin grew up hearing her grandfather say, "We aren't selling Christmas trees, we're selling experiences and tradition." This has left a lasting impact on her business practices. Our goal is to create lasting relationships within the community. We want you to feel like family, enjoy your visit, and leave feeling appreciated. 

View of the back field in 2023 <-- Picture

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