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Frame of brood with honeybees
Inspecting frame from honeybee hive
Pollen in honeycomb with honeybees

Adding bees in the Spring of 2023 was both thrilling and extremely daunting. As one of our mentors said, "there is a 50,000 to 1 teacher to student ratio." However, we quickly started to overcome our fears and dive into the wonders of beekeeping. Learning the "weeds" these little pollinators love to collect nectar and pollen from has changed the way we mow our yard, and we are looking forward to growing a pollinator garden in the coming years.

Honey and beeswax are commonly thought of products of the hive, but we were excited to learn about propolis and pollen harvesting also! Propolis is a sticky substance in plants, and honeybees use it to seal up gaps too small to use. Propolis has many beneficial properties for the hive, and these same properties make it a great additive to our herbal salves, lozenges, and for you to make your own tinctures!

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