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Silverudd's Blue

The only breed of chicken bred to lay green eggs generation after generation!

Silverudd's Blue chick, blue colored chick
Silverudd's Blue chick, splash chick
Silverudd's Blue chick, black chick

Silverudd's Blue are still relatively new to the scene in North America. They were first imported to the U.S. in 2011 with a second round imported in 2013/2014 for added genetic diversity. The Silverudd's Blue are a more recent breed, developed in 1980, and they get their name from their creator, a Swedish pastor named, Martin Silverudd. Unfortunately, the breed was not complete when Mr. Silverudd passed away in 1986, and breeders and conservationists have continued his work on this green egg laying breed. We are excited to join their ranks in an effort to improve this breed!

Our own breeding stock originated from Greenfire Farms and Wonder Hooves Dairy Farm. We are already looking forward to where we will add genetics from in 2024! 

In addition to laying speckled green eggs, these uniquely beautiful birds come in three different colors, blue, black, and splash. The American Silverudd's Blue Association has released breeding guidelines, but as of right now, this breed is not including in the American Poultry Association's SOP. While we have goals of adding higher quality stock closer to the breeding guidelines, for now we are able to offer these sweet, soulful layers of gorgeous green eggs in pet quality!

Read more on our breeding practices here.

DNA Testing - Our Silverudd's Blue roos are genetically tested to ensure they are homozygous for the blue egg gene (O/O) before being used for breeding, ensuring a green egg. 

Meet Dogwood Honey Company's
Silverudd's Blue Flock

Proud Member of the American Silverudd's Blue Association
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