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Creamed Honey

Containers of raw honey
Jaw of creamed honey
Raw honey, beeswax candle, beeswax lip balm, jar of creamed honey

Q: What is creamed honey?

A: Creamed honey is created by using crystalized honey to stimulate widespread, tiny crystal formation creating a thick honey that won't slide off your toast!

Q: How is creamed honey made?

A: We make creamed honey in very small batches. We started with some "seed" honey. This was store-bought raw honey that had completely crystalized. We ground up the crystalized honey in the blender to create tiny honey crystals. We introduce this seed honey into our wildflower honey by thoroughly stirring it in, about 1 part seed honey to 10 parts raw honey. The introduction of seed crystals stimulates a cascade of small, uniform crystal formation.

Q: Is creamed honey the same as whipped honey?

A: No. Creamed honey is made up of many tiny crystals which give it a thicker consistency. Whipped honey has had air whipped into it to create a more spreadable texture.

Q: What makes creamed honey so special?

A: Creamed honey has all of the flavor of raw honey with a unique, velvety texture. It won't slide off your toast or biscuit like liquid honey. Our creamed honey is extra special because it is made is very small batches with our own wildflower honey.

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