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Goat's Milk

Goat milk in mason jar

Nigerian Dwarf goats are known for their delightfully creamy and slightly sweet milk. They produce milk with the highest butterfat content of any dairy goat, and we have selected goats with genetics for butterfat contents above the average 6.5%. 

Despite the Nigerian Dwarf's compact size, they can produce up to or in excess of half a gallon each day! These overachieving little goats leave us with an excess amount of milk. We are only offering raw "pet" milk, in accordance with state regulations. Rest assured, we make every effort to collect clean milk by trimming the hair from our does' udders, cleaning udders and teats before milking, discarding the first few spurts of milk, and spraying Fight Bac on their teats after milking to prevent mastitis. We also test annually to ensure our heard is clear of CL and Johne's disease which can be transmitted through milk.


Our does are not forced to stand on the milk stand. Our does trip over one another to claim their grain ration on the milk stand. We seldom secure the head gate because they are content to stand and eat while being milked.

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